‘You Don’t Have To Act Nude Scenes To Be A Star’


Humjo instructing a lady on location

LAGOS DECEMBER 14TH (NEWSRANGERS)-Nollywood producer/ director, Humprey Ojonugwa Ottuh, popularly referred to as Humjo by colleagues blast female actress who are willing to act nude roles, as.he publicly declared that deep love roles and nudedity are not part of our culture hence Nigerians waiting to see a nude film from Nollywood will have to wait for a long time to come.
Humjo stated that ” we are a well cultured nation and there are things we don’t do with our body publicly “” for those who claim they can act nude films, so far the pay is right, Humjo has this to say, ” for those who feel they are expose, check their background” Humjo who came into the industry as an actor but was lured into the production unit by veteran actor cum producer, Ernest. Obi however stated that he can direct foreign love movies, so far it does not violent our cultural rules . Humjo who hails from Kogi State says he’s living his dream as a director.
Answering questions on his regrets on leaving acting for production, considering the fact that actlng brings more fame, his response,” It’s not all about fame, l feel fulfilled. it gives me more joy and satisfaction. Somebody have to be behind the camera, if l’m not there, some one has to be there. I find myself there and l’m happy with what l’m doing, most especially with my forth coming TV series, Tuki and my movie, titled, A night with my son”.
Humjo who has put in what he regards as his very best over the years, can’t recall his most beautiful moments, because he is yet to experience a sad one. With smiles, he said, ” I’m always happy when executing my job. This is the only job that put food on my table.”.
When asked how he gets money to fund his production, this question quickly send the smile off his face, as he recalls the most traumatic story of what he considers the nightmare of the industry.
Narrating what he considers the pain of every investor in the industry, Humjo sadly, says, “I work with executive producers, who fund their movies. Some come with their own producers while l direct. Independent producers also come in, sometimes l do finance movies myself”.
He accused President Muhammadu Buhari’s government of paying lip service to the industry, as he clearly stated that this regime don’t believe in the industry. Boastfully Humjo said, the Agricultural and oil sector have not done as much as Nollywood, when it comes to employment.
Speaking further he said, Mexican and telemudo movies have taken over the market, because the media is not doing enough when it comes to promotion of Nigerian films. He however call on the regulating agencies to impose sanctions on the numbers of foreign films that can be shown on local TV stations..
As he recalled that same was done to the music industry years back, where it was made mandatory that radio and TV stations should play 70% of Nigerian music, this in turn brought a huge turn around and boosted the music industry from all fronts….if same can apply to our movies, it will boost sales and viewership.
He however stated that this is the worst period for the industry as producers can’t recoup their money, despite the.numbers of quality movies they’ve produced as he out rightly declared that most producers are crying.
Humjo is calling on the government to empower the industry, so that they can do more to compete with the foreign movie being aired on our TV stations, this he said is one of the ways to win back most of their viewers.
When asked, how him and his colleagues have been coping.? With his face regaining the lost smile, he said, “we cannot say because we did not make sales today, therefore, we quit, We keep pushing forward, look for a way of making the movies and market better”.
He concluded by saying when the going gets tough, the tough must keep moving on as quitters have no place. He however send this word of advise to his fans and lovers of Nigerian movie, ” believe in yourself and keep moving no matter the odds, also believe in the industry, keep patronising and supporting us without you we won’t have come this far”.

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