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The Lies Of Wole Soyinka On The 2023 Polls


By Chief  (Barr.) Malcolm Omirhobo LAGOS SEPTEMBER 15TH (NEWSRANGERS)-At an event titled “The Lies Oh  sorry , I mean the   Lives of Wole Soyinka — A Dialogue” organised by Africa in the World, held in South Africa , Nobel laureate, Professor Wole Soyinka  lied . He  lied keeping a straight face that Labour Party leadership […]

PEPC & Elections: Will People Who Prefer Darkness Invest In Light?


By Sola Olumese LAGOS SEPTEMBER 10TH (NEWSRANGERS)-I confess that last Wednesday, I feared I may be a masochist.  I do not know what else one diagnoses after he spent most of 10 hours listening to the Presidential Election Petitions Court. I mean, I had other things to do, and I should have moved on to […]

Nigeria Court Throws Technology Role In Election Transparency Into Doubt


LAGOS SEPTEMBER 9TH (NEWSRANGERS) — A court ruling that it is not mandatory for Nigeria’s electoral commission to transmit voting results electronically has thrown into doubt the future use of technology in Nigeria’s elections. The ruling by the presidential elections petition court on Wednesday suggests the hope that innovation would foster transparency and justice in […]

Nigeria Immigration Service and Hire Purchase Passports


By Michael Owhoko, Ph.D LAGOS SEPTEMBER  5TH (NEWSRANGERS)-With athriving and fertile environment for extortion and racketeering, process for obtaining the Nigerian passport has turned the booklet into a hire purchase document where applicants pay official cost at point of application, connoting preliminary downpayment, and thereafter compelled to pay a bribe as balance in installments or […]

President Tinubu, Put  Gear For Reverse On Subsidy


LAGOS JULY 30TH (NEWSRANGERS)-I would like to advise President Bola Ahmed Tinubu and his economic advisers he seems to be lending listening ears to that without massive Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) roll-out, within the next two weeks, the subsidy policy will fail. And the CNG will have to be subsidized for the economy to be […]

Ghanaian Lawmakers Pass Bill To Protect People Accused Of Witchcraft


LAGOS JULY 29TH (NEWSRANGERS)-Ghana’s parliament on Friday passed a bill to protect people accused of witchcraft, making it a crime to abuse them or send them away from communities. The new law was suggested after a 90-year-old woman was lynched in Kafaba in the East Gonja Municipality of the Savannah Region in July 2020, drawing […]

Hawkers, Beggars Take Over $1.6bn Rail Tracks In Lagos As Feaces, Refuse Litters Surrounding


LAGOS JULY 17TH (NEWSRANGERS)-The $1.6 billion Lagos-Ibadan standard gauge rail project was conceived by the Federal Government as part of the plan to connect all 36 states of the federation and the Federal Capital Territory (FCT) to convey passengers and goods  while easing traffic congestion on the highways, among others. When it was opened for […]

Menace And Mafia Like Nigeria’s So-Called Illegal Road Tax Collectors


  LAGOS JULY 17TH (NEWSRANGERS)-Hired as a so-called tax collector by several influential families, Captain Nwokuha has a fearsome look as he walks around with a piece of wood to enforce his authority at a busy and chaotic road junction in the southern Nigerian city of Port Harcourt. The 34-year-old’s job is to collect “taxes” […]

‘We Are Suffering,’ Nigerians Cry Out  Over High Cost Of Living As Fuel Price Hikes Bite


LAGOS JULY 8TH (NEWSRANGERS)-At the once-bustling Utako Motor Park — an interstate motor hub connecting Nigeria’s capital Abuja to its 36 states – transporter Jume Hanwa took a rare daytime nap in the trunk of his empty vehicle. It was Eid al-Adha, a Muslim holiday typically celebrated with travel and family reunions, but no traveler […]

The Effects Of Cyber Crime In Nigeria Economy


By Okolo Emmanuella. LAGOS JULY 6TH (NEWSRANGERS)-The rise of cyber crime in Nigeria has become a major concern for the country’s economy and security. Nigeria is one of the largest sources of cybercrime in the world, with criminals using a caricature of tactics to steal money and personal information from individuals and companies around the […]

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