Massive Blast Rock Ukraine’s Second Largest City, Kharkiv

LAGOS MARCH 1ST (NEWSRANGERS)-A Russian airstrike bombed the central square of Kharkiv, Ukraine’s second-largest city, right outside of the region’s administration building, terrifying video shows.

In the video, cars can be seen driving on the street in Kharkiv’s Freedom Square before a rocket suddenly flies through the screen, striking just outside of the large administration building. 

The massive blast sent debris and smoke into the air. It’s unclear how many were injured or killed. However, people are reported buried under rubble and are being rescued, according to Ukrainian media.

Another video shows the aftermath of the bombing, with vehicles completely destroyed in the empty square’s charred streets, filled with burnt debris.

“The occupiers launched an airstrike on the central square of Kharkiv – Freedom Square, where the building of the Kharkiv Regional State Administration is located,” Ukrainian officials said on its Telegram channel Tuesday morning.

Kharkiv, which has a population of over 1.5 million, is located in Ukraine’s northeast just 25 miles from the Russian border. It has been under siege from an aggressive Russian offensive for days.

New York Times

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