Why Jehovah’s Witnesses Stop Preaching From House To House, Shut Down Kingdom Hall

LAGOS MARCH 8TH (NEWSRANGERS)-Jehovah’s Witnesses are known worldwide for actively taking the preaching of Gods kingdom to people’s house. An activity which gained them the publicity they enjoy today. But have you also notice that in recent times especially since the outbreak of the Corona virus, the Witnesses have not been seen preaching from house to house, knocking in people’s door like they are known for?

 Do you also Noticed that their Kingdom Halls have been shout down since February 2020? Why are their Kingdom Hall still closed or shut down up till this moment giving that all Churches in the world today have resume spiritual activities? The Spokesman of the JW Organization has this say to all who wish to know.

According to Robert hendrick ( Robert Hendrick is the Spokeperson of the Jehovah’s Witnesses organization), he says that the decision to close all the Worship Centres (Kingdom Hall) is guided by 2 scriptural principles and belief found in the Holy Bible; (1) the belief that life is so sacred in the eyes of God and the sanctity of it. (2) and to obey and adhere to the 2nd most greatest commandment given by Christ which is love your neighbor as yourself.

He says,” to knock on people’s door and say we love them and perhaps potentially take the virus to them or take the Virus to the Kingdom halls or to family Members, and to neighbors in the name of preaching just wasnt compatible with the 2nd most greatest Commandment of Love.”

Hendrik further stated that, “it wasn’t a choice of do your ministry or don’t do it, rather it was a choice of go to house to house or find an alternative way to preach, and Christians have always find another way to.” he concludes.

This infact is impressive as far as I am concerned. The fact that the Witnesses not only love with words, but in their actions in not spreading the Viruses by halting the door to door preaching work is what capture me. According to him, it will be so unkind, so unloving to go to people’s house and place them at risk because anyone could carry the Virus. Since the Witnesses are not immune to the Viruses, and are potential carriers, love on their part means that they halt the house to house preaching, thereby slowing down the spread of the Viruses. Then this also validate their respect for life that is sacred. Then again the Witnesses have also uses other medium to still preach and teach and to hold their meetings which is by far a good example in contrast to what we see all around.

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