Water Resources Bill: The Silence Of Our Traditional Rulers No Longer Golden


By Chief (Barr) Malcolm  Omirhobo

LAGOS SEPTEMBER 6TH (NEWSRANGERS)-I have taken pains to profile the traditional rulers in Nigeria particularly those in the South South , South East , South West and North Central Zones of Nigeria affected by the water resources bill and I discover that they are all well lettered .

By my findings they all can read and write and are well exposed in life . From my findings , it is safe to say that  our traditional rulers are literate enough to know what the devious and devilish water resources is all about .

Our traditional rulers  cannot  feign  ignorance of the  fact that the said evil  bill has once again  been introduced on the floor of the 9th Assembly after  its rejection by the 8th Assembly .

Our traditional rulers cannot claim not to understand that if the bill is passed into law their people will loss the right to their land  , ground and surface water to  the federal government of Nigeria.


Our traditional rulers cannot say that they are not aware that if the bill goes through  it will be mandatory for their people  to obtain a license before using water that will then be  considered public asset for domestic, social  or commercial purposes from the federal government in Abuja.

Our traditional rulers cannot play the ostrich to the fact that once the satanic  bill is passed into law their fertile land and water will be handed over to foreign fulani herdsmen for habitation just like they are currently forcefully and illegally  occupying all the federal government of Nigeria forest reserves nation wide .

As Custodians of our history , identity ,  tradition,  customs ,  culture  and heritage our traditional rulers must in unism and unequivocally  condemn the water resources bill.

At this junction  our traditional rulers must speak out as their silence over the water resources bill at this point in time  is no longer golden. If truly that they represents their people  and are on the  side of their people  they  must fight against the enslavement , subjugation and repression of their people which the bill is bound to occasion on their people.

Prevention they say is better than cure .


Human Right Lawyer, Chief (Barr.) Malcolm  Omirhobo writes from Lagos

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