The Other Side Of George Floyd-Candace Owens

LAGOS JUNE 5TH (NEWSRANGERS)-George Floyd has so many criminal records that the media are also trying so hard to remove from the internet so as to paint him as a martyr or a hero, But he is neither a hero or a martyr.

According to some facts said by Candace  Owens  in her video evidence gathered that in 1998, George Floyd was arrested for theft and he spent 10 months and some days in prison.

Four  years later after his realized from prison, in 2002, he was arrested again for a cocaine offense (Drug Offense) and was jailed for 8 month.

 Again in 2004, George Floyd was re-arrested for drug offense again and a year after, in 2005, he was arrested for Cocaine and sentenced for 10 months. That is not all about the bad side of George Floyd.

 In 2009, George Floyd and his gang, five  of them plus him making them six  in number attacked a pregnant woman under the guise of water. The woman opened her door and let them in but George pointed a gun on her belly and threatened to shoot her and her baby if she screams or refuses to cooperate with them.

 George Floyd and his gang ransacked the woman’s house and took all the valuables things in her house. God has sent one of the woman’s neighbor the person that saw George Floyd and his gang call the American emergency line 911 and reported to them, George Floyd and his gang were arrested and jailed for 5 years imprisonment.

On his memorial service on Thursday June 4 2020, The American citizens show respect for George Floyd and how bad they felt about his dead, when George Floyd’s daughter saw her fathers body paraded for burial, she ask why is my father not talking and when the body was lowered down she asked why is my father down there.

“He was a drug addict and criminal but the media are trying to hide it so as to project a heroic painting of George”, Candace Owens reveals.May his soul rest in peace.

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