Seun Kuti Recounts Ordeal Inside Police Panti Cell 1, Wonders Why Nigerians Hate Him


LAGOS MAY 30TH (NEWSRANGERS)– Afrobeat singer and heir of the Anikulapo family, Seun Kuti who is on tour of Europe has not forgotten about his ordeal in the hands of policemen, for slapping a very gentle police officer on the Third Mainland Bridge, Lagos.

Seun Kuti, who is now relaxed said he went through hell inside Panti Cell 1, at the State Criminal Investigative Department, SCID. Seun Kuti spoke to dispel several rumours that flew around while he was hibernating in Panti.

He started with what he called a fun fact, stressing that 33 years ago in 1993, the Senior Advocate of Nigeria, Femi Falana defended his father for alleged murder in the same court he is being defended by the same Falana. He said he was with his father in the court, though as a mere little lad but said it is just like history repeating itself.

He is however not happy that most Nigerians wanted him to be clamped in prison and were happy about his ordeal, which he described as a misdemeanor and that the amount of hatred Nigerians have for him was even more in magnitude compared to the hatred they have for the former governor of Abia State, Orji Uzor Kalu who was convicted for fraud but later on discharged and acquitted on technical ground. He did not spare the Obidient family whom he said rejoiced over his ordeal.

Nevertheless, Seun Kuti has decided to mend fences with Nigerians when he has his fill of money which he is chasing at present.

“When I have money, I will rent National Stadium for one week and I will apologise for everybody one by one. Why you hate me so much, If I go to jail who go show una the way”, he queried, even while smiling over the issue.

He said the Nigeria Police Force turned his home upside down but were surprised that they did not even find one single marijuana or Indian Hemp, (Igbo) in his home. He related that the police who were nonplused about their zero find hailed him as an upright man.

“The Nigeria Police turned my life upside down, even one seed of Igbo no drop, them fear me, them come say you are an upright citizen”, he said, pointing out that while the policemen were conveying him to his house in Ikeja, they hit a danfo driver who did nothing but cower in fear.

He said he was forced to ask the police team who forgot to cover his mouth, if this is what they want from every Nigerian, to just keep silent in the face of tyranny.

He said Charity can never save Nigerians and that all Nigerians need the prison experience. He said Nigerians will suffer the more if they allow children of the present core of politicians who are buying houses in London and Ferari to succeed them.

Returning to his Panti blues, he said the Obedient movement, and journalists, spewed nonsense about him while he was in Panti Cell 1, which he said is the worst where hardened criminals were kept.

“Even Marshall in Panti cell show more respects than others as a Senior Marshall”, stressing that the leader of his cell is even more accountable than politicians when it comes to using a general purse to care for all.

Seun said he did not call anybody to rescue him contrary to reports. “If I have god father, I will not be in cell for 8 days. The venom against me is more than the venom against Orgy Uzor Kalu who was sentenced for fraud. We need Jesus, not black Jesus but white Jesus. I did not call anybody”, he said.

“I was not beating but yes there were plans for them to beat me up, but that did not happen in cell”, as he pays glowing tribute to the man he called 7 Guns, that was arrested by police because he had 7 toy guns in his possession and one other cellmate who was nabbed by police for doing nothing.

Seun Kuti said the summary of the matter is that the criminal system in Nigeria needs an overhaul.

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