Osimhen Outburst: Enough Of This Unacceptable Behaviour….

LAGOS JUNE 19TH (NEWSRNAGERS)-A lot has been said and more is being said in the reactions that are greeting the viral video of one of Nigeria’s illustrious sons who has done Africa, Nigeria, his family and himself proud in his chosen field of endeavour, football.

The comments pouring in represent the love millions of Nigerians have for Victor Osimhen and the fame and fortune he has had since his breakthrough in Chile 2015 FIFA U-17 World Cup. Of course, some other footballers or celebrities won’t have attracted this huge traffic in reactions to their videos.

Suffice this to mean that millions of Nigerians love Osimhen. He is the face of Super Eagles and has continued to shine brightest each time he dons the national colours or shirt. He is like a son to all Nigerian parents.

His story, struggles and success from the slums of Olusosun, a suburb in the Ojota Area of Lagos….how he sold pure water, bread and sundries on the streets of Lagos to make ends meet. How he fetched water for the landlady of the compound his family lived to earn a living endeared him to the hearts of millions across the world.

Rashidi Yekini shakes the net at 1994 World Cup

But the events of the last 24 hours has somersaulted or tumbled this hard-earned love Nigerians had for Osimhen.

Recall how Nigerians prayed for him when he had the aerial clash that fractured his bone prompting him to wear face mask.

Many wonder what could have ignited the fire in Osimhen to go on that ego trip. Just like he said, he lost respect for Finidi, he equally has lost the huge love Nigerians had for him.

However, Your Sincerely has been taken aback by the comments of the very few persons throwing their weights behind Osimhen’s video where he visibly lost control, threw caution to the dogs and used very uncouth words freely.

He forgot that we’re Nigerians and those hailing his act also forgot that the young man has just started his football journey. There’s more to achieve. There’s more to crave for.

I dare ask, if Victor Osimhen were your son, will you be (or are you) proud of his recent outburst or action? Will you as a parent or guardian or sibling or friend of Victor advise your ward to do exactly the same act Osimhen put up in that video?

That video and the action of Osimhen are indications of how much we have lost in the area of morals and societal decorum.

Taribo West sheds blood for Nigeria

It reveals where we are as a nation and people. It explains the level of respect today’s generation of youths have for elders. It tells where we have kept our cultural heritage, norms, values and tradition.

No one says Victor has no right to react if or when he feels offended or his rights were trampled upon. But there are better ways to drive home or deliver your message or express your anger without sounding like a tout or gangster.

This chap is the same player millions of Nigerians were rooting for to be tshe next captain of the Super Eagles when the kite of the issue of captaincy was flown by mischief makers claiming it emanated from George Finidi. Many tipped him to wear the skipper’s armband given his commitment and passion for his job on the pitch.

But we shouldn’t be carried away by the commitment or performance of Osimhen in Nigeria’s colours. That must not be a yardstick to condone his very unfortunate choice of words on Finidi. It could have been anybody. It must not be a license for him to disrespect Finidi.

As the reigning Africa Player of The Year, Osimhen carries huge responsibilities on his shoulders. He is a leader and a leading light not only for Super Eagles but teeming Nigerian youths. He is a role model who many wish to emulate.

I wonder if after that video anyone can point at him as a true exemplary character?

While many are calling for his apology, I dare say, people should not hurt others thus creating an indelible scar yet hide under the guise of apology to assume that such scars could be wiped away like emotional injury and it’s accompanying pains.

We have seen great players. We have seen Nigerians emerge Africa Player of The Year. We have seen millionaire footballers from Nigeria. We have seen dedicated patriots serve Nigeria with humility. Yet none of them had been or talked like this.

Some players have sacrificed their lives for Nigeria. They died in active service.

Late Samuel Sochukwuma Okwaraji is a clear example. We have seen footballers take pain killers on career threatening injuries just to play in crucial games to make Nigeria proud. Stephen Okechukwu Keshi was a clinical example.

Okwaraji made the supreme sacrifice for Nigeria

Benjamin Okorogwu was one of the best central defenders of his time. He died after taking ill in the camp of Green Eagles then preparing for AFCON qualifiers.

The world all saw Taribo West with a bandaged head in a World Cup fixture in Korea/Japan 2002 tournament. Footballers have fractured legs (or broken bones) for Super Eagles.

Many have spilled blood through injuries and many have been hospitalized after games for Nigeria.

No one player should act as if Nigerians have not seen his better before. Record has proven that Rashidi Yekini nicknamed “Yeking”, “Goalsfather” and or “Gangling” remains Nigeria’s greatest and most prolific forward.

He scored Nigeria’s historic first ever goal in the World Cup. He still holds the record of scoring the highest number of goals for Nigeria, 37.

Methinks, Osimhen should be sanctioned to serve as a deterrent to others.

No one player is indispensable. No single player can play the entire 11 positions on the pitch. No single player should take the glory for a team’s success. It’s a collective effort and success hence some excesses like this must be checkmated.

Finally, if he deems it fit to tender an unreserved apology to Finidi and the football fraternity, he should be forgiven and embraced back into the team like a son. When the prodigal son returned to his father, he wasn’t cast out. So we should also see Osimhen so. But first thing first – he should be sanctioned accordingly, then, it is up to him to say sorry.

Enough of this unacceptable behaviour.

Score Nigeria

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