Man Drags R.Kelly To Court For Ruining His Marriage

LAGOS DECEMBER 21ST (NEWSRANGERS)-R. Kelly is heading back to court yet again, but this time the disgraced singer will faceoff a man who has accused the star of ruining his marriage.

A judge has ordered for the “Step In the Name Of Love” crooner to sit down for a video deposition while in jail where he will testify under oath over the allegations brought forth by a man named Kenny Bryant. In 2012, the Mississippi sheriff claimed that Kelly had an affair with his former wife, Asia Childress. In court documents, Bryant revealed that his ex-wife had a previous relationship with the Chicago native. The two allegedly re-kindled their romance in Oct. 2012, after he performed a concert nearby their home, according to Rap Radar Online.

In the lawsuit, which was officially filed in 2018, Bryant said that after his wedding in 2012, things between him and Childress quickly fell apart when Kelly interfered with their marriage. According to Mississippi law, you can sue your spouse for committing adultery if you can provide the necessary evidence, the Mississippi Family Lawyer Blog states.

The painstaking affair allegedly continued for five years, according to Bryant’s legal documents and he believes that Kelly, who back in September was officially convicted on all nine counts of sex trafficking and racketeering in his decades-long sexual assault trial, even gave his ex-wife Chlamydia.

Bryant is now suing the Grammy-award-winning hitmaker for “depriving him of his spouse.” He’s also seeking financial compensation for the emotional and psychological pain he’s allegedly suffered from their tumultuous divorce. The sheriff believes that Childress lied to him, forcing him to pack up and move his life down to Georgia so that she could be closer to the singer’s home in the peach state. The ongoing lawsuit filed by Bryant is finally proceeding in court after it was originally paused during Kelly’s sex trafficking trial.

In addition to his unfolding case with Bryant, Kelly is also scheduled to take the stand in Chicago where he faces charges of child pornography. The case is set to begin in August 2022. Kelly’s official sentencing for his sex trafficking conviction will take place in May 2022, where he faces 10 years to life in prison.

Chicago Tribune

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