Lagos PPRO Discloses How Man Uses Footprint Sand Of Robbers To Arrest Them


LAGOS MARCH 4TH (NEWSRANGERS)-This is a ‘True Life Story’ of a man whose building was under construction but got all the burglary proofs, all wirings and power generator carted away by robbers.

 According to this ‘Strange Story’, published on the official of the Police Public Relations Officer, PPRO in Lagos State, SP Benjamin Hundeyin monitored by SOJ WORLDWIDE, the man reported the case to the Police who was slow in arresting the thieves as expected by the property owner.

He took the sand where the thieves stepped and did ‘something’ that made the burglars to come back with all what they had stolen and handed them over to the Police for proper investigation.

What the house owner used is in the following full story as narrated by SP Benjamin Hundeyin:


“Fact, not fiction!

During the week, an older friend called me. With panic in his voice, he told me how he got to his building under construction and found that all the burglary-proofs, all the wirings, and the big power generator for construction work had all been carted away. Confused, he asked what he could do.

I asked him to go to the nearest Police Station as quickly as possible. He got there, made his statement, visited the scene with the Investigating Police Officer (IPO) and provided all the information requested from him.

Like an hour later, he called and was very impatient with the Police. He was not happy that the culprits had not been arrested and his items recovered. He kept reminding me that the stolen items ran into millions of Naira.

Approximately an hour later, he called me and informed me that the thieves had been arrested. With relief and surprise, I asked how that came to be. Here’s where it gets interesting. He said he simply took the sand from the footprint of one of the thieves and said something into the sand.

Brothers and sisters, in less than thirty minutes, two of the thieves showed up asking to see the person that contracted them to pack things from the building overnight because the person hadn’t paid their balance.

My friend delayed them, called the IPO and they were arrested. They led the Police to where the items were. All of the items to the last pin were recovered.

 So amused, I asked my friend what he said into the sand and with all seriousness, he said he just mentioned ‘Jesus’ into the sand. I don’t know if to believe him. It’s not that I’m doubting the name of Jesus. Of course not.

I very well know that at the mention of that name, miracles happen. Still, I want to ask: should I believe him?”

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