2023: Peter Obi Is Leading A Movement Not Campaign


By Dasuki Anthony Atata

LAGOS JUNE 11TH (NEWSRANGERS)-I have said this before and I will say it again. 

Peter Obi is not running a campaign. He is leading a movement. 

Let me tell you the difference  in case you don’t  know.


  1. Campaigns end as soon as the results of elections are announced. Movements continue thereafter.
  2. Campaigns are driven by politicians while movements are driven by the people.
  3. Campaigns  are driven by interest while movements  are driven by convictions
  4. In Campaigns people follow  a politician selfishly because they  believe  he/ she will win but in movements, the people follow selflessly because they believe  the people will win.
  5. In campaigns ,people follow a person while in a movement people  follow  ideology.
  6. In campaigns politicians tell the people what they will do but in a movement the people know what  the person they are following will do.
  7. In a campaign, people who cast their vote believe they are doing a politician a favour but in a movement  they know they are doing themselves  a favour.
  8. In a campaign, politicians build structures  but in a movement the people  build the structure and infact,everyone  is a structure.
  9. In campaigns we rely on politicians to convince us to get involved,we have people with apathy but in a movement people find motivation from within.  Everyone is bold.
  10. Campaigns come with a plan from day one but Movements  don’t.  They are spontaneous.  They build momentum that becomes the plan.
  11. Campaigns are like T.V ads ,politicians pay to get people in but a movement is like a premiership  match,the people pay to get in at their own expenses.
  12. In a campaign people who oppose you or make a caricature of your campaign are usually confident but in a movement,people who oppose you or make caricature of the movement  are scared of it.

In case you don’t  get it,what I mean is that a movement  is like us  the Arsenal fans, they will say many things about us but when we are playing they will suspend everything to watch us.🤣.

Let me bring it closer home. In a campaign he will claim that you are not his spec but when you open the gate to the promised land for him, he will rush in. No integrity . No values.But in a movement , people stick to their spec. No matter how wide you open the gate of the promised land, they will continue to see it as Babylon. You gerrit? If you don’t  gerrit fogerabourit.


A movement is underway.



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