US Cleric, Dolan Slams Trump Immigration Crackdown As ‘Unbiblical’

Cardinal Timothy Dolan

LAGOS JUNE 16TH (NEWSRANGERS)-Cardinal Timothy Dolan blasted the Trump administration’s policy of separating kids from their parents on Friday night, calling it “un-American and unbiblical.”
The White House got into holy hot water this week when Attorney General Jeff Sessions and press secretary Sander Huckabee Sanders both referenced scripture to claim the administration has the moral authority to forcibly take kids away from parents if they cross the southern border illegally.

“I mean, that’s just unjust. That’s un-American and unbiblical,” Dolan, leader of New York City’s 2.8 million Catholics, told CNN on Friday night.
Sessions specifically cited the Apostle Paul who in Romans 13 reminded Christians to honor and obey authority.
Dolan said the AG might need a Sunday School refresher.
“The quote used from St. Paul might not be the best. For one, St. Paul always says we should obey the law of the government if that law is in conformity with the Lord’s law. No pun intended, but God’s law trumps man’s law,” Dolan said.
“And St. Paul himself, who gave the quote that the attorney general used, he wouldn’t obey Roman law when it said it was mandatory to worship the emperor. I don’t think we should obey a law that goes against what God intends that you would take a baby, a child, from their mom.”
Dolan said Christian, Jews and Muslims would all disagree with current White House policy on immigrants.
“If they want to take a baby from the arms of his mother and separate the two, that’s wrong. I don’t care where you’re at, what time and what condition, that just goes against … you don’t have to read the Bible for that. That goes against human decency. That goes against human dignity that goes against what’s most sacred in the human person,” Dolan said.
“I don’t know if you want the Jewish scripture or Christian scriptures, the Koran, no. We’re talking about the human heart, the American people and the noble American tradition. You don’t have to be a believer to know this is not right to take a baby from its mother and say, `Get lost and I don’t know when you’ll see your baby again.’ Not good. Not American. Not human. Not biblical.”

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