Top Five Financial Reasons Why Migrants Are Fleeing Canada


LAGOS AUGUST 23RD (NEWSRANGERS)-Canada, long considered a beacon of opportunity and an attractive destination for immigrants, is experiencing a shift in this trend.

Many individuals who once flocked to Canada for its promise of prosperity are now opting to leave, often citing financial reasons. In this article, we dive into five financial factors that may be prompting this exodus.

Job Scarcity

Canada’s job market is not as robust as it once was. There’s a stark contrast between the number of job openings and the pool of job seekers, leading to increased competition for available positions. Even though employers are struggling to find skilled candidates, there’s still a significant disparity in supply and demand. As a result, many immigrants are finding it difficult to secure stable employment in their field, putting financial strain on individuals and families.

High Tax Rates

Canadian residents are feeling the pinch of high tax rates, with the Fraser Institute reporting that the average Canadian resident pays about 42.5% of their income in taxes. This rate includes Federal Income Tax, Provincial Income Tax, Unemployment Income Premium, Canada Pension Plan/ Healthcare, and various indirect taxes on everyday goods. For immigrants who came to Canada expecting a higher standard of living, these high tax rates can be a harsh reality check.

Weather-related Expenses

Canada’s extreme weather, particularly during the winter months, can have significant financial implications. With temperatures often plunging to between -20°C and -30°C, combined with heavy snowfall and low visibility, residents face higher costs for winter clothing, home heating, and vehicle maintenance. Moreover, these weather conditions can impede daily tasks, sometimes necessitating taking time off work and, in turn, affecting one’s income.

Healthcare Costs

While Canada is known for its free healthcare system, it is not without its costs. Canadian residents do pay for healthcare services indirectly through taxes, and the system has its limitations. There is often a cap on the number of patients each doctor can treat, making it challenging for newcomers to find an available doctor. Additionally, doctors in Canada typically work from 9 am to 5 pm, meaning those who need medical attention might have to take time off work and potentially lose income.

Skyrocketing Housing Costs

The Canadian housing market has seen a steady rise in prices, making homeownership increasingly unaffordable for many residents. This trend is mirrored in the rental market, where prices have also been climbing. For immigrants, especially students or those in the early stages of their careers, the high cost of housing can make it challenging to establish a stable life in Canada.

While Canada remains a popular destination for many immigrants, the financial realities of living in the country are causing some to rethink their decision to settle there. The challenges of finding a job, high tax rates, weather-related expenses, healthcare costs, and housing affordability are all factors that are weighing on the minds of residents.

As a result, many are choosing to leave in search of better opportunities and a more affordable lifestyle elsewhere. It’s essential for potential immigrants to consider these factors carefully and have a realistic view of life in Canada before making the move.

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