Must Read: Emefiele’s Alleged N89trn Stamp Duty Fraud And The Gudaji Files


LAGOS DECEMBER 28TH (NEWSRANGERS)-Like a joke, and as Fela sang in one of his all time hits, “the thing wey dey cos our suffer, e don dey show him face to us…”

Finally, those who have been BEHIND the SUFFERING of Nigerians have now been exposed to us.

For this, our GRATITUDE should go to the legislator, who, many Nigerians may regard, affectionately as the CLOWN of this 9th Assembly; Hon. Gudaji Kazaure…..CONTINUE READING

The viral video, making the round, where he boasted that he has been given Presidential permission, to investigate and detain ANY member of this government found culpable in the over N89.1 trillion Stamp Duty Revenue fraud; actually has a lot of truth in it; as you will find out in this synoptic story of the ELABORATE conspiracy against the Nigerian State by the Cabal in Buhari’s government.

According to him, top on this list, is the serving Central Bank of Nigeria’s Governor, Godwin Emefiele.

Yesterday, I sat through over three hours; watching the current episode of the Berekete Family show. A Live show, broadcast on the Human Rights TV and Radio Station, owned and anchored by Ahmed Isa; popularly know as Ordinary Ahmed, President of the poor masses or something like that; Gudaji was the main guest on this particular edition.

The serving House of Representatives member gave enough expose on how the fraud is being perpetrated; the people behind it, and how they have been using their position in government to FRUSTRATE his President Buhari-backed Committee from doing its job.

According to him, Buhari PERSONALLY, but PRIVATELY signed the Committee up; and HANDED the Gudaji Committee over to his MOST TRUSTED appointee in this government; the Director General [DG] of the State Security Service [SSS], Yusuf Bichi.

As he informed Gudaji, Buhari specifically said Bichi is the ONLY man he TRUSTS in his administration.

Little wonder, the recent DSS intervention in the fuel Crisis has been the initiative that’s sustained some level of sanity in that part of our nation’s Oil and Gas Subsector.

That is why you can probably drive into filling Stations, these days, and buy your fuel.
Though, the Fuel Criminals are still selling the product at their crazy prices; at least, fuel is now available.

Recall, my last piece in this matter in which I spoke of the nobility of that intervention and Femi Falana’s DISRUPTIVE and destructive ADVOCACY against that great intention by the DSS Boss for the good of Nigerians.

I hope you are beginning to put your two and two together to make four there.
Back to what I now refer to as the *Gudaji Files* …

When the ‘Funny’ man of the 9th Assembly boasted that his committee has the powers to arrest and detain the CBN Governor, he is NOT JOKING!
It ACTUALLY happened!

In the course of the Committee’s work, Emefiele was SUMMONED to the DSS office to EXPLAIN his role in the fraud. He was actually DETAINED for six hours.

When it DAWNED on Emefiele that he was under some mild incarceration, he went into a PANIC!
According to Gudaji, the man kept asking; ” am I under detention? My blood pressure is high… I need my medication…

To be on the safe side, the highly mature and wisdom-filled DSS chief told Gudaji; ” we had better let off this man on ADMINISTRATIVE bail; so he can go take care of his health…”

As the DSS DG told Gudaji, he didn’t want a situation where the CBN Governor would PACK UP in a DSS facility.

The attendant media frenzy from such a tragedy could cause a damage of unpredictable proportion.
No sooner than they let him go, the CBN Governor went into a FIGHT mode.

First, according to Gudaji, he began mobilizing important Nigerians; who are most likely enjoying his patronage. They were to put PRESSURE on the DSS Chief to stop the investigation.

His second step, was to rally his colleagues and cohorts in the Presidency and other arms of government, to FRUSTRATE the Committee out of existence.

That led to a series of letters signed by the office, but NOT the PERSON of the Secretary to the Government [SGF]; purporting that the President has RESCINDED his decision and thus, he has SUSPENDED the Gudaji Committee.

You would recall the media frenzy fanned by the group from the Presidency DISMISSING the Gudaji claims.

I bet you ALMOST believed them too.
Well, as it would happen; Gudaji was BLOCKED from further contact with Buhari.

At this point, let’s rewind to Gudaji’s first contact with Mr. President…

He confronted Buhari with the FACTS as given him by one Adetola Adekoya, an Expert on Stamp Duty Matters and a Nigerian based in UK; with dual Citizenship.

Buhari was SHOCKED to his foundation. Promptly, he asked Gudaji to form a Committee to be made of credible Nigerians; and ones he [Gudaji] would personally appoint.

Gudaji did that quickly; making the Chief Justice of Nigeria [CJN], the Judicial Adviser. Smart move, he made there. He made, among others, Adekoya, the Chairman; with him [Gudaji], as the Committee’s Secretary.

Guess who COMPLAINED to Bichi; about his non inclusion in the Committee… Abubakar Malami, the Attorney General [AG].

To cut the long Story short, even the EFCC boss, Bawa, has been GIVEN more than ENOUGH facts and figures; in detailed and Documentary report, to ACT on the matter; since early 2021.

He has MANIFESTLY refused to address the matter; as he is CONSTITUTIONALLY MANDATED to do. Meanwhile, he is having a filled day CELEBRATING his CONQUEST of the Yahoo boys; the little Criminals; while he DINES, WINES and celebrates the big Crime Barons, within his axis.

It is INSTRUCTIVE that his appointment into that office was allegedly INFLUENCED by Malami; who fought his predecessor, Ibrahim Magu, out of office.

So, you can understand where that is going.

A brief but highly INSTRUCTIVE digression here….
For those excited at the redesigning of the naira, Gudaji said it was NEVER done for the ADVERTISED objectives.

According to him, it was a DIVERSION and COVER UP! The CBN policy was HURRIEDLY ANNOUNCED on October 26, 2022; 56 days after the emergence of the Gudaji committee!

Do you see where that is going now…?lol.

Back to the Gudaji-Buhari first meeting…
Buhari told Gudaji; ” you know, it is extremely difficult to see me. Give me SOMEONE I can trust to bring you to me each time…”

Gudaji submitted the name of another Kazaure who is a member of the Protocol Unit in the Presidency.

Fast track to the present, that Kazaure guy was the man used to BLOCK Gudaji; when he wanted to submit his first 30-day report; to the President.
This whole effort would have died a natural death; and poor, lonely Buhari would have stayed DISTRACTED by the Clever Criminal Cabal in his government.

What is worse, Nigerians would have continued to SUSTAIN their PERCEPTION of him as the worst leader they have ever had and the CAUSE of the nation’s WOES!

Please don’t get me wrong; Buhari has got his many blames concerning where Nigerians and Nigeria have found themselves today. After all, the buck stops on his desk.

According to Gudaji, and as many probably have been SUSPECTING, Buhari is TOO TRUSTING! He gives you a job and LEAVES you to DO THAT JOB; trusting you will not DROP THE BALL on him.

As it is happening today, virtually all his trusted aids, he placed in sensitive positions in his government have [as we say in local parlance] ‘ fallen his hands .’
Unfortunately, he has REALIZED it TOO LATE!

That is why he is now HOPING on the Gudaji Committee and files; to expose the criminals in his government; no matter who; and jail them where necessary.

This is why we MUST support him by ENSURING the Committee does its job to completion and its findings/recommendations IMPLEMENTED to the letter.

Back to the Story…
Like I stated earlier, the Gudaji Committee would have been frustrated out of existence; had a certain serving Governor, who is sympathetic to the cause of the Committee; not CONFRONTED Buhari for SACKING an anti Corruption Committee he privately set up to expose and fight corruption in his government.

Buhari was taken aback and shocked to his core, again (lol). The President told the surprised governor that at no time did he ASK ANYONE to DISSOLVE the Gudaji committee.

Fast forward, he gave LIFE back to the committee; with GREATER powers.

That, in a nut [but fairly ‘epistled’] shell is the story behind the Gudaji committee.

So, what are the issues at play, here?

Adekoya, a Stamp Duty Expert, discovered that rather than borrowing money to fund its budget, Nigerian government could generate far more than the trillions it needs to both fund the 2023 Budget and PAY OFF her debt.

Naturally, that was Music to the President’s ears. He signed him on as the Federal government agent to implement that responsibility.

In the course of his job, the FIRST TIME, he found out that indeed hundreds of TRILLIONS had been generated; but not in the accounts of the Federal government.

Seeing that he was INCHING close to their HONEY NEST of criminality, the Cabal removed the man’s Security details. That paved the way; for an ASSASSINATION attempt on the man’s life.

Luckily for him, he only suffered gun shot wounds. From his Hospital bed, the UK government, through its High Commission, flew him back to UK.
By some Divine Providence, the man would later meet Gudaji in England; when the latter was invited by the House of Commons.

That was how Gudaji and Adekoya met; and that was how the ongoing NIGHTMARE of the Cabal in Buhari’s administration became a beautiful reality for us all poor Nigerians.

At the core of all this, is the N100 Stamp Duty you pay for every Bank transaction above N5K. There is a 60:40 sharing arrangement between the Banks as represented by the Nigerian Inter Bank System [NIBS]; on one hand; and on the other, the CBN on behalf of the Federal government.

That money is what has amounted to over N89 trillion. As a matter of fact, according to Gudaji, in the first four months of this year alone, the Federal government’s share has RAKED in over N117 trillion.

By the end of the year, it is estimated that that federal government share could make as much as N400 trillion.

Currently, Nigeria’s debt stands at close to one hundred trillion and government needs under thirty trillion to fund the 2023 budget… And they say government is BROKE! I Hope you can understand what is going on now…

For more details, please watch the Gudaji interview on the Berekete Family show.

For me, it is now about what do we do; as Citizens to HELP Buhari and Gudaji SAVE our country from the claws of this Cabal… As you know, the mafia involved in this, will STOP at nothing to ESCAPE this; including bribing, blackmailing or even murdering anyone who stands in their way.

With the trillions at their disposal now, they have the capacity to cause chaos if that is what will distract and divert attention from their crimes.
As you can see, the MAINSTREAM MEDIA has been EVIDENTLY silenced. The religious institutions, especially the Church, are DISSIPATING energy cursing Buhari; but SILENT on the Emefiele indictment.

I will not be surprised if they come after me; writing this.

Guess what? I am ready to die for the cause of this country. I have lost enough due to the activities of these economic Saboteurs to hold any material thing dear; even my life.

Finally, this is about our nation, Nigeria; and it is PARTICULARLY about us; as citizens and individuals… As fathers, mothers, children, neighbors, friends etc…

Here we are yesterday bickering on how this government has borrowed money our generations cannot pay off.

Here we are, TODAY; God, through the Gudaji files, ALLAYING our fears; saying to us, ” *_fear no more; and look no further…_* For your debt and budget can NOW been TAKEN care of and with excess left; by the Stamp Duty Revenue…”

Chris Paul Otaigbe is a journalist and artiste.

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