Man Declared Dead By Doctor ‘Wakes Up’ At His Burial Ceremony, Died Hours Later

LAGOS MAY 5TH (NEWSRANGERS)-A Nigerian man who was declared dead after he slumped was noticed to be alive at his funeral. Sadly he died hours later.

 Usen-Obong Ime Jacob,  27, slumped in his parents’ home on Sunday evening, May 1, and was taken to a private hospital in Abak, Akwa Ibom state.

 The doctor declared him dead that same evening and the family held a funeral for the man on Monday, May 2.

 However, as mourners surrounded the coffin with the deceased inside, the coffin allegedly “opened on its own” and mourners noticed the deceased breathing weakly.

A video taken at the funeral shows mourners expressing shock when they noticed Usen-Obong was still alive.

Usen-Obong was then taken to the Teaching Hospital in Uyo where the doctor checked him and said he only died “2 hours ago”.

A friend of the deceased who reached out to LIB blamed his death on the lack of professionalism of the doctor at the private hospital who declared him dead.

He said Usen-Obong was obviously in a coma and might have survived if he was placed on life support, rather than in a coffin where his situation was obviously made worse.

“We need justice for Usenobong… This matter can’t slide,” the friend of the deceased told LIB.



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