300 People Escape Death As Bird Strike Forces Turkish Airlines Back To Uganda Airport


SCREEN SHOT from flightradar24 LIVE early yesterday. Over 1000 people worldwide logged in to monitor the planes flight.

LAGOS JANUARY 12TH (NEWSRANGERS)- Turkish Airlines flight number 606 was today forced to return to the ground after a bird strike during take-off. The A330 however had to fly around Kampala and Entebbe for over an hour to burn fuel to achive the right weight for landing.

According to the Uganda Civil Aviation Authority,  the regulator of the aviation industry in Uganda, “On Tuesday, January 10, 2023, a Turkish Airlines flight number 606 departed Entebbe at 7.30 am for Istanbul while it was raining. Unfortunately, the aircraft experienced a bird strike during take-off.”

UCAA added that, “As a precautionary measure, the flight hovered in the Ugandan airspace before landing safely at Ebb at 08:52 am. The aircraft is being checked for airworthiness before resuming the flight.”

Experts says bird strikes usually damage the forward-facing areas of the aircraft – the windscreen, nose cone, and engines.  The heavier  the bird is, the more potential damage there is to an aircraft.

As the plane circled the sky over Kampala, aviation enthusiast Michael Wakabi correctly observed that it was trying to burn fuel. ” Turkish 606 Entebbe to Istanbul appears to be having a problem. FR24 shows it flying a holding pattern a round Entebbe more than 40 minutes sometimes since take-off. Probably reducing weight for a return to base since the A330 doesn’t have fuel dumping capability,” he said on social media.


When the plane finally landed, an eyewitness in Entebbbe remarked, “the thing was dangerously flying close to our water tank. Had its landing gear been down, they would be able to touch the water tip. But it’s now safe on the ground. We are also safe. ”

The plane had 271 passengers and 10 crew.

This is the second time in a month that a flight from Entebbe was aborted. Reports indicate that on December 11, 2022, a  Brussels Airlines flight from Entebbe was also aborted after a bird strike.

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